Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two Weeks To Vacation!

We are down to the final two weeks before leaving for two-week vacation in Mazatlan starting March 6th. We check the weather forecast every day and it clings to 80 to 85. Here in Portland, we are expecting snow on Thursday and then an extended stretch of 13 days with temps below freezing and snow almost every day.

I have lost almost 15 pounds and can fit into my new red and white swimming trunks with only a little "dunlop." I go to sleep thinking of sitting in my lounge chair looking out over the pool at PBEB, sipping a smoothie or cold beer sin alcohol.

I saw an ad today for a fourth floor two-bedroom condo that looks out over the Mazatlan marina for $250,000. Sight unseen it looks pretty good. However, we need to visit a number of Mexican places for at least a month before deciding to put down roots.

This week I started throwing out junk that clutters our home thinking, "Would I take this Mexico?" If the answer is no, then out it goes. It's just junk that no one would want.