Saturday, December 11, 2010

Martha Stewart in San Miguel de Allende with Casa Dragones Tequila

While in San Miguel, our friends saw Martha Stewart. This was one reason she was there:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Are you going to move to Mexico? Why do you want to move?

When I first went to Mazatlan, I exclaimed to my friends, "I'm falling in love with Mazatlan!"  When we get together with our friends inevitably the questions come up:  Are you going to move to Mexico?  Why do you want to move? Simon Black the Soverign Man writes,
Over the years I have seen thousands of expats roaming in and out of different countries around the world. In my opinion, most expats fall into seven categories… and chances are you probably fit one of the molds as well:
  • PIONEER: You are an opportunity-focused expatriate, and you are willing to relocate solely for the prospect of making a great deal of money and doing something interesting.
  • EXPEDITIONER: You are a classical traveler, you want the richness of the expat experience, but you want it to be easy and painless.
  • RETIREE: In a way, you want to turn back the clock and find a place that reminds you of home years ago– 1950s America, for example.
  • NOMAD: You are a permanent traveler. ...You perhaps have a ‘home base’ somewhere, but you don’t see it for months at a time.
  • HERMIT: You shun contact with most of the world because they just don’t get it.
  • INTERNATIONALIST: You are a smart, educated, opportunistic professional that is a cross between the pioneer and expeditioner– you thrive on opportunity but need some basic structure to feel comfortable… probably because you have a family or some other obligations beyond yourself.
    As long as basic needs are met– safety, schools, healthcare, etc., you are happy and can focus on building a life and a new business.
  • HEDONIST:  You have been successful in life and simply want to enjoy the fruits of your efforts over the years– wine, women, whatever else seems interesting. to jump on a plane to follow your favorite team, see an old friend, or make new ones.
My wife and I probably would be classified as Retiree or Internationalist, but if we won the lottery would be a Hedonist!

Today, at Zero Hedge Simon Black has stunned many of us with Simon Black Advocates Leaving America As The "Most Effective" Way To Fight The Battle With "The Mob-Installed Government Beast"
The government beast in your home country feeds on debt and taxes, and the best way to win is for bright, productive people to move away with their ideas, labor, and assets. This effectively starves the beast and accelerates its collapse. Then, when the smoke clears, you can move back and help rebuild a free society."
That has been my answer recently to the question Why do you want to move?  This isn't my country anymore.  It has become a country in favor of moral relativism, socialism, political correctness and anti-capital and small business..  The Constitution is just a "goddamn piece of paper!" The regimes we elect are corrupt and can spend the money we earn on mal-investment.  In an instant our government can produce $600 billion in soon-to-be worthless paper.  Measure that against the sweat and energy we must expend to produce that same value in goods.  We must be John Galt and starve the beast before the beast forbids us to leave or forbids us to take our assets out of the country.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beauty From Architects House + House

Friends of ours recently returned from San Miguel (SMA) and met architects Steven and Cathi House of House + House.  Our friends raved about their designs so I thought I would share some pictures from Houses' website.  I want them to design my house in Mexico,

Mexico Beckons

Today, I am spinning off coverage of “Travel”, "Ex Pats" and “Moving to Mexico” at Mover Mike by creating Mexico Calling.  My goal is to become a snowbird, spending at least six months a year in some area of the country.  Mexico calls to my wife and me.  I want to chronicle my preparations for the change and impart to you what drives us to move there.

Here are links to posts about Mexico at Mover Mike.  I hope you will take some time to check them out.

Mexico Calls

My wife Bev and I have been to Cabo San Lucas twice, staying at Los Bungalos and Fiesta Americana.  Next, taking advantage of an Alaskan Airlines' Mexico package, we tried Mazatlan, staying at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay.  We liked the resort so much we bought a timeshare and have now been back to Emerald Bay each year for three years.  Last time we were gone for two weeks and we are booked to go again for two weeks in March, 2011.