Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heed The Call!

I had a conversation recently in which I wondered if there is a diaspora in which people from the cold countries, countries with harsh winters, are selling their stuff and moving south to warmer climates. Maybe, what I'm seeing is too much House Hunters International, just anecdotal. 

I was reminded that the first push to warmer climates came after air conditioning was invented and installed.  Now people could live comfortably in Florida, and Palm Springs and Arizona and San Diego.  Then people could move to Mexico and Central America, but they were isolated.  Most of the phones were hit and miss.

Now we have the internet and you are now able to work in air conditioned comfort anywhere you can connect online. If I could convince my wife to sell everything, I could post to this blog from the white sands in PV or Mazatlan or Merida or Cancun. I could earn an incme while getting a tan.

Now there's a new company that puts employers in touch with expats named Teleworking Expats For Hire. 

As they say on their website:

" can now continue your successful career while living overseas and doing virtual work for companies in the US or Canada. Millions of qualified North Americans choose to live in Mexico  - from sales people to financial specialists, receptionists to lawyers. is the first and only company to link these expats with businesses in Canada and the US, meaning expats can now further their careers and earn above average local wages – all from a beach in Acapulco!"

I expect more people in cold climates will answer the call.