Monday, January 26, 2015

What does "Cabrón" mean in Mexican Spanish?

Luis Fernando Mata Licón, being Northern Mexican since I was born. "'s kind of hard to explain what "Cabrón" means, we Mexicans love to use the same bad word and give it a lot of meanings just as the word "Chingar" and all it's derivatives. And "Cabrón" is one of those words that has a lot of meanings.

Definitely is an insult, you would never say "Cabrón" in front of a child, no matter the circumstances. But it isn't always something bad, it also can mean something very good. For example:

"Soy bien cabrón programando" - I'm fucking good at programming.

But it also means something bad: "Esta bien cabrón el asunto" - The situation is very fucked.

It can also be a person: "El cabrón se escapo" - The fucker escaped.

As a name I think people would think about the third scenario, so if you were planning to name it fucker then you choose the right word.

I asked to the people on my office and they all say "Cabrón" is a gray word, it depends a lot of the context in order to say if it means something good or something bad, but we all agreed that it is a bad word but isn't the worst of Mexican Spanish.

So, say hello to Cabrón!

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  1. I grew up thinking my name was Cabron. My mother is from Navajoa, Sonora.