Saturday, October 29, 2011

Enrique Peña Nieto Wants To Privatise PEMEX

PEMEX, the Mexican oil company, is a Mexico owned monopoly authorized by Article 27 of the Constitution. As such, the U.S. Mexican Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow said that even talking about outside investment in PEMEX was “taboo.”

To hear Revolutionary Party (PRI) presidential pre-candidate talk about Pemex, leads one to conclude that PEMEX needs outside investment and the way to get that help is through privatization. Some say private investment as been reluctant to invest in PEMEX for fear that their property could be seized.

The handsome Nieto may bring the PRI back to power that's why his view is important. Nieto says "...Mexico has been 'held hostage' by it's mistaken urge to keep PEMEX nationalised and that Mexico 'can achieve more; grow more and do more through alliances with the private sector.'"

Dennis Gartman in the October 25th, 2011 Gartman Letter says,
Mr Pena Nieto has our interest. For the time in many, many years we are actually interested in owning things in Mexico.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hurrican Jova Expected Near Manzanillo, Mexico

Dr. Jeff Masters writes, "If (Hurricane) Jova maintains its current central pressure of 960 mb until landfall, it will rank as one of the ten most intense Pacific hurricanes to hit Mexico since record keeping began in 1949." Winds are currently blowing at 125 mph and it could be either a category 3 or 4 when it makes landfall near Manzanillo on Tuesday.

San Miguel Doors

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kelly McLaughlin's Mexico

She originally visited Mexico in 2003 for a vacation and never went back home!

How I envy such people. I wish it were that simple!

Two Tropical Storms?

Mexico from Manzanillo north is expected to be hit by hurricane Jova.  Landfall is expected Tuesday as either a category three or four.  Following behind is tropical storm Irwin. Dr. Jeff Masters writes, "...the one-two punch of heavy rains from two tropical cyclones within a week could cause a devastating flood situation along the Mexican coast". 

Here's a rainfall forecast:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

7th Annual San Miguel International Writers’ Conference & Literary Festival

Can I figure out a way to attend this writers conference from February 16 – 19, 2012? 

It will feature Margaret Atwood and 42+ world-class speakers, instructors & agentsOne-on-one pitch sessions with agents; 42 workshop options (choose six); keynotes and panels; individual consultations with seasoned professionals; open mic; manuscript contest; bookstore; live performance: That Dorothy Parker; receptions; spectacular Mexican Fiesta; guided excursions. Gourmet dining all week!

One of my first sessions would include Writing the Novel You Can Write conducted by Rosalind Brackenbury.

The next day that could be followed by Deep Point of View: Infuse Power into Your Story and Characters conducted by Jodie Renner.

Later that day I could try Introduction to Travel Writing by Laurie Gough.

On Saturday, I'd choose The Heart of Story: Writing Scenes by Eva Hunter Next on Saturday, I'd choose Techniques of Fiction: A Supersonic Overview by C.M. Mayo.

On to Sunday, I'd attend Travel Writing in the Digital Age conducted by Anne Dimon.

All those workshops and a Keynote Address by Margaret Atwood for $395 + hotel + airfare + food etc.