Monday, April 22, 2013

Mazatlan - Top Ten Cities

Mazatlan. - FDI Intelligence magazine, which publishes the world renowned London newspaper The Financial Times, specializing in economics,  placed Mazatlan in the "top ten" of American cities of the future.

According to a study by the British magazine, in its segment "Cost Effectiveness", Sinaloa port is among the top 10 cities in Latin America with greater economic and profitability expectations.

In an interview, state Tourism Minister, Francisco Cordova Celaya, said the outcome of the English edition, Mazatlan positions on the world stage and aims at an important juncture of business opportunities.

He noted that this situation becomes even more important, for the upcoming opening of the Super Mazatlán-Durango Highway and strategic projects of introduction of natural gas.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beautiful Mexico

Allan Bruce Zee's color photographs capture the world. He spent some time in Mexico and has a whole series of prints featuring the rich colors we associate with Mexico.

The Country Is Over

Surf over to Monty Pelerin's World and read The Country Is Over. It's an excellent analysis of our economy and how the only hope for us is to reverse the growth of government. However, it's doubtful there's any politician out there who can or will do what needs to be done.
Politicians have bribed the citizenry with goodies for votes. They have sold the notion that government is responsible for all good things. The economic solution runs counter to everything that politicians have peddled. Further it reduces their power and ability to retain office, at least in a manner in which they are accustomed. It shrinks their perquisites. It shrinks their vote-buying ability. In short, it is virtually impossible for them to go along with such a solution.
There are those in the wagon, swilling from the public trough. The wagon jerks it way along by the pullers. The burden on the pullers gets heavier each day by the growth in government and each day some of the pullers decide to give up and join those in the wagon.
As the burdens increase on the pullers and the benefits increase for the riders, more pullers decide to ride. The truly creative and talented can always make enough money to continue to work rather than ride. However, when their efforts can be expended in other countries that penalize them less, at some point they no longer pull the wagon. They leave the country to climes where they are treated better.
Ayn Rand wrote it best: Who is John Galt?


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Top 10 Real Mexican Dishes

Prone To Wander blog has a description of Top 10 Real Mexican Dishes. It's real Mexican food, not Tex-Mex or gringo Mexican. I'm anxious to return and try the ones on the list I haven't sampled and re-taste the one I have.