Thursday, September 13, 2012

Book Review: Mañana Doesn't Mean Tomorrow By David Kindopp

We’ve all had lovers who just didn’t love us back as we wanted. David Kindopp describes his love affair with Mazatlan, Mexico in “Mañana Doesn't Mean Tomorrow, An unbelievably, ridiculously, painfully, delightfully true adventure in Mexico.” David gave up his real estate career in San Diego, settled up with his two ex-wives and sailed to Mexico on a 50-foot ketch.  All he wanted to do was start a charter business, taking tourists for sunset sails at $35 apiece.  He would provide the cervezas and food in a first-class manner and tourists would fall in love with the city as he had.

David is 40 and loves sailing and is good at his job.  He isn’t afraid of hard work and his mind overflows with the music of Jimmy Buffet. Working with tourists can pay well, but the ups and downs of the economy and the seasons can savage your endurance.  I’ve seen “Davids” in Mexico and Hawaii.  Sharing living quarters with other “Davids” enjoying the life in paradise. David is good with people and the lady tourists, looking for adventure, find it on the sea and in David’s bed, all in vivid detail.

Mexico is another story.  He loves the culture.  He feels alive.  Here he is not an American sheep with predictable futures, always paying for the new house, new car, education, healthcare. However, the corruption and inefficiency just beats him down.  He needs to get a permit to take tourists sailing, but is told by his business partners that the permit will be here Mañana! Those expats who live in Mexico know the most maddening part of living there is the lack of concern about time.  If it doesn’t get down today at 11:00am, there will be another 11:00am tomorrow or next week. He doesn’t understand why officials make it so hard to be an entrepreneur promoting tourism.

I loved the book. David Kindopp had me from the opening pages and I felt his love and hope for Mexico and also his pain and disappointment.  He says he has much more to tell and he plans on going back, so look for a sequel.